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Loreen Wales

Loreen Wales

Loreen enjoys inspiring people to use wholesome eating to get the maximum out of life!

As owner of Revive Wellness, her enthusiasm is evident. She brings 15 years of experience to Revive and has witnessed the detrimental effects poor eating has on health.

This inspired her to focus her practice on keeping people happy, healthy and full of life! And yes this can include the occasional treat!

Whether Loreen is working with corporations, helping them optimize their employees’ health and wellness, working one on one with people or sharing her tips on TV, she is committed to making a difference in each life she embraces.

When she’s not inspiring her clients, Loreen explores life with her husband and two young children. She loves the outdoors and enjoys exploring new activities with her family. She never thought she’d see herself running a half marathon or downhill skiing but she has learned she is not too old to try something new!

Raina Beugelink

Headshot - Revive - Raina

Being healthy is more than what or how you eat, it is a lifestyle! One of Raina’s primary goals is to guide individuals through the mixed messages, confusion and latest trends to help them focus on eating balanced and whole foods that will provide true nourishment.

Raina knows that practical, hands-on nutrition coaching combines physical, mental and emotional health. Understanding that everyone has a unique health “fingerprint” and learning styles, Raina is able to tailor her nutrition coaching to individual situations and needs.

She likes to be creative in the kitchen, making new recipes or reinventing old ones. Her favourite foods are anything Mexican flavoured. Outside of nutrition, Raina finds joy in spending time with her nieces and nephews, escaping to the mountains, and walking or biking with her dog and husband in the river valley trails.

 Kalin Herbach

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The majority of Kalin’s lifetime has been spent with a natural interest in nutrition and lifestyle. Along with her love of physical activity came the awareness that what she put in her body had an effect on performance and health. Kalin believes that food needs to be viewed as a substance that provides our bodies with what it needs to function optimally, but also to be enjoyed. She is continually discovering new interests in the numerous aspects of nutrition: where food comes from, cooking, the science behind it and the role nutrition plays in disease prevention and treatment. Through a caring and warm demeanor, Kalin is committed to sharing her passion and helping others achieve optimal health!

Aside from spending time in the kitchen and checking out local farmer’s markets, Kalin enjoys any form of activity, whether it be a hike in the mountains, a bike ride around the city, or a walk in the river valley. Something you may not know about Kalin is that she loves the colour blue almost as much as she loves food and nutrition!

Callie Wright

Callie DerksenCallie is the Director of Communications. She has an arts degree in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Alberta, as well as a public relations diploma from Grant MacEwan. What she learned from all this schooling, was that she loves creativity and variety!

On top of managing the marketing and PR team, editing the blog, website, newsletter and more, she works with other businesses in the community to create fun and engaging collaborations.

Callie loves to experiment in the kitchen and gravitates towards vegetarian recipes for not only the health benefits, but the uniqueness and variety. This lifestyle keeps her creative in the kitchen and has blossomed into something she’s passionate about.

Callie has recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world and will be on maternity leave until September 2017.

Kelsey Hagen

Kelsey Masciola

Kelsey is just as passionate about nutrition as she is about fitness! She not only spends a lot of her spare time with the CrossFit community, she also plays fastball at the college and national level and remains active in Olympic weightlifting. With a minor in physical activity, it’s no wonder one of her focus is on sports nutrition! She loves working with athletes to help them perform their best.

Gut issues, chronic disease, pediatrics and food allergies are other areas she enjoys counselling clients in. Having a type 1 diabetic brother, she learned at a young age how nutrition affects people’s lives. She continues to volunteer at the Easter Seals camp horizon for children with type 1 diabetes.

Kelsey has recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world and will be on maternity leave until February 2017.

 Susan Sommerville


Why is Susan dedicated to work in the field of nutrition? It all stems from her passion to play with wholesome foods and inspire others to do the same! A large portion of Susan’s free time is a spent creating new menu ideas in the kitchen that are flavorful and nourishing to the body. Susan’s ultimate goal is to breakdown the meal-planning burden to illustrate that fueling your body can be a natural, simple and succulent daily experience! When she is not cooking you can find Susan dabbling in a variety of activities such as hot yoga, indoor rock climbing, running, or playing soccer.

Susan has particular interest in the area of food intolerance and allergies. One third of her immediate family suffers from celiac disease, so experimenting with easy gluten-free meals has become routine. A family motto that Susan lives by that is also prominent in her counseling is to “go slow, keep low, and don’t blow.” You can’t solve your problems or reach your goals overnight, so take a deep breath, accept your life in the present and take it one day at a time to become the best version of yourself you can be!

Brittaney Semeschuk

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Brittaney is the Culinary Chef & Nutrition Coordinator at Revive Wellness.  She brings a unique edge to the team with her love for food, and education and experience in the field. Brittaney studied Culinary Arts at SAIT and received her Journeyman Certificate. As her passion and curiosity for food deepened, she pursued a bachelor degree in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Alberta.

With her knowledge of nutrition and cooking, Brittaney helps develop recipes and menus that are delicious and healthy. She also offers cooking lessons to help people practice and discover that cooking can be fun and easy!

Brittaney loves finding ways to make healthy foods taste good, and helping people find ways to keep their food interesting and wholesome.

When she’s not at work, you can find Brittaney playing with recipes in the kitchen. She also enjoys water sports, spending time in the mountains and riding her bike.

Ricky Ng

Ricky Ng

As our sports nutrition expert, Ricky believes that nutrition is a key component to maximizing performance and enhancing recovery.

With his International Olympics Committee Diploma, Ricky is striving to complete an M.Sc. in sports nutrition with the IOC.

A cool thing about Ricky? He will never say no to trying something new!