4 Ways to Beat the Bulge This Fall

Do you often start your fall season with good intentions? Planning your menus, meal prepping, and scheduling in exercises, but then quickly putting these to the wayside?

Many people unknowingly begin their holiday weight gain before the indulgences of December. The start of the holiday bulge often begins in the month of September, where our routines and added responsibilities come into play.

If you look at our calendar below, you can see the abandoned meal plans, unplanned eats and extra indulgences can add up quickly. Thus, we created the infographic below to give you some tips to help you can maintain your waistline throughout the fall season!

Note: Click on the image for a larger version!


If you have trouble planning your schedule, we’re here to help! Throughout the month of October, we’ll be offering a holiday planning workshop to help you #BeatTheHolidayBulge. Every client who has participated in this program in the past has had a 100% success rate. Click here for more information.