5 Key Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

The following is Barbara’s response to the excellent article, Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy. Below, Barbara summarizes the key points from the article and adds some tips to keep in mind.

Whether you are thinking about getting pregnant or just found out the happy news, it can be an overwhelming time when it comes to food do’s and dont’s. As mentioned in this article, there are 5 key foods to avoid during pregnancy for the health and safety of your baby:

  1. Unpasteurized cheeses/products
  2. High-mercury-containing fish
  3. Alcohol
  4. Deli meats
  5. Raw fish

*Caffeine can be safely consumed in reduced amounts (200 mg) or 2 small cups of coffee daily.

This article also addresses food cravings and balanced eating during pregnancy. Keep in mind that your body doesn’t require additional energy until the second and third trimester of pregnancy (week 13 and onward). Ideally, these extras should be coming from nutrient-rich foods such as protein, fruits, whole grains and dairy. While sweets and extras do have a place (just as with any person’s food choices), eating balanced and eating enough throughout the day will help to keep your cravings in order and help you have a healthy pregnancy.

By Barbara Winzeler – Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian

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