5 Things Our Most Successful Clients Do

Successful clients prioritize self-reflection in their day.

Most of us are aware that taking time each day for self-reflection is important. Unfortunately, it is easy for the act of reflecting to stay firmly planted on the to-do list. Every day, more pressing to-dos seem to make it higher up on the list than self-reflection.  The truth is, consistent reflection creates a more self-aware, more positive, and ultimately more successful person. It will help you identify what you want to work on and create strategies that propel you to where you aim to be. Our most successful clients fully embrace self-reflection and identify the best routine of where and when they can realistically reflect daily. Night owls reflect before bed, while morning people journal or do their reflection in the first 5-10 minutes of the day with their coffee.

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Successful clients set realistic goals that focus is on what they can change right now.

Instead of focusing on outcomes, like changing the number on the scale or losing weight, shift your focus to the small realistic process goals you can change today. For example, “I will eat breakfast daily within one hour of waking up,” or, “I will go for a 30 minute walk after work with my partner 3 days out of the week.” Small, realistic process goals are achievable, and will create change over time. Focusing on overarching outcome goals like weight change is not something that can be achieved today, and for that reason does not inspire positive internal language in the moment or success in the long run.

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Successful clients understand planning and consistency.

Planning out your process goals and making them a part of your weekly routine is important. However, only creating a realistic plan for the week is not what will make or break your success. What we have seen with our most successful clients is that they do this planning and execute it with consistency. Notice that the word “perfection” is not a part of this tip. Consistency means goals are planned and executed most of the time, and in result small daily wins become recognized achievements.

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Successful clients embrace mindful enjoyment of food.

Fostering a positive relationship with food is paramount: give yourself permission to enjoy what you decide to put into our body. Value your food and what it does for you. Food is your fuel providing strength, energy, nutrients to your body systems. It tastes good and provides pleasure when we enjoy our favorite meals, treats in celebration, or regular food on any ordinary day. Food is a way to express creativity or beautiful simplicity is your own way. Discovering how to foster a positive relationship with the food you eat is a crucial step in achieving success in the wellness goals you set for yourself.

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Successful clients know when you slip, you get back up fast.

Our most successful clients own their actions, strategize, and move forward. They begin to recognize that feelings of guilt are there to simply act as red flag that their actions are no longer in line with their goals. Then guilt can be addressed quickly, and changes can be made to “get back on track.” Avoiding guilt and letting it pile up can lead to more extreme behaviours, self-sabotage and patterns of all-or-nothing thinking. Preventing the pile-up by resetting fast is a skill that our most successful clients do well.


By Susan Sommerville – Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian

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