A New Approach to Healthcare

We are excited to launch a specialty clinic; joining forces with Dr. Maya Nishiwaki, a group of personal fitness trainers and psychologists to offer Edmontonians a multidisciplinary approach to health. Why?

We are tired of seeing pills prescribed for preventable issues! This team feels that healthcare’s current system is a band-aid solution; it doesn’t treat the true cause of health issues, diseases, low-energy etc. – lifestyle (diet and exercise). A healthy diet and regular exercise can prevent numerous conditions and lead to a life of vitality and energy.

Today we’re hearing from Dr. Nishiwaki about why she’s passionate about this new initiative:

As a society, it is shocking how little nutrition and exercise education we receive, even in medical school.  I believe healthy eating and exercise are not promoted because there is no financial incentive in doing so.  No pharmaceutical company would support this notion as there is no drug involved – in fact, much to their chagrin, if people were to start eating healthy and exercising, they would stop buying these drugs!  (Yes that is my rant!)

In my many years as a family doctor, what struck me constantly was the number of conditions that we were treating with medications that could be prevented by simple lifestyle changes.  A healthy diet and regular exercise is sometimes all that is required – but we all know how much easier that is said than done.  I find that most people know what they need to do.  The difficult part is how.

What is actually a healthy diet, and what is a good way to start an exercise program or to expand on one?  How do you find time to eat healthy and exercise?  What do you do at the end of the day when all you want is to lie on the couch and watch TV instead of going out for a run?

These are hard questions to answer for most of us, but that is where I believe this team (a dietitian, a personal trainer, a psychologist, and myself) can really work together to help.  Our dietitian will work with you and help you determine what your best approach to eating balanced, is as it varies for everyone.  She will work with you on helping you overcome the never ending obstacles we humans face when changing our eating habits.  Our trainer will work with you to customize the best exercise routine for you to fit into your current lifestyle.  Our psychologist will help you work through the psychological barriers that prevent you from making healthier decisions.  I am here to monitor your progress, and to take care of any issues that may arise from the program.

I hope that this is will be the medicine of the future. As a society, we need to get back to the basics.  Perhaps someday, we will live in a society where it is normal for people to eat healthy and get regular exercise!