Teaching Our Daughters: Appreciating Our Bodies

Below is Kelsey’s excellent response to the article, Want To Keep Your Daughter In Sports? Don’t Make Comments About Her Body by Debbie King, Canadian author.

This article reminded me of a conversation I had with my niece this summer. She asked my why I work out most days…and I took a moment to choose my words wisely. My answer was simple: “ I love to feel strong.” Her response was, “I like to feel strong too.”

Simple words, but I hope my actions and my words will help lay a foundation of loving and appreciating our bodies for what they can do versus what they are not. The article above does a great job of providing some tips on how to talk to young girls to help them continue to enjoy activity, such as:

“Don’t comment on her weight or body shape (or anyone else’s).
But be willing to listen and talk about her body-related emotions as they arise.
Focus on her skills and strengths as an athlete rather than how she looks.
Practice self-compassion (remember, she’s watching you) and help her do the same.
Suggest recreational activities as an alternative if she’s no longer enjoying competitive sport.”

By Kelsey Hagen – Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian