Talking About Balance in a World of Extremes

In a society of extremes (have you seen the newest documentary What the Health?), I feel we have lost sight of what the role of food should be in our lives. People have an innate desire for the black and white when it comes to nutrition. The concept of “good” vs. “bad” has become the norm in everyday language, and it’s difficult to scroll through social media without seeing a new diet trend or “food of the month” to eliminate. Unfortunately, moderation and balance simply doesn’t have the same appeal.

In this insightful post, the impact of these extreme mindsets is revealed. What we don’t realize is that our behaviours and food perceptions will impact the next generation. Disordered eating, orthorexia and body image issues are a common result of these black and white mentalities. I hope that through open discussion and honest stories such as this one, we can begin to move back to seeing food for what it was always meant to be—a source of fuel, enjoyment and life.

Barbara Winzeler, Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian

This article was in response to the excellent article, My Food Struggle In Pictures: When What I Ate Made Me ‘Good’ Or ‘Bad’.