Become Your Own Critical Thinker

You have heard me mention the controversy on the recent documentary What the Health in a previous blog post. Due to the documentary’s radical statements, many of us have seen or read several reviews on this trending documentary circulating the internet.

The bottom line is learning what it means to be a critical thinker when it comes to reading newspaper headlines or tuning in to the latest Netflix craze focusing on food and nutrition. Asking yourself questions such as, “Was this written with a bias?” “Have there been several repeat blind, randomized control trials to supports statements being made?” and “Does what I am reading or watching illicit feelings of fear and guilt?” will enable you to realize if you should be actually changing your own eating habits or simply turning the TV off. Remember that research in food and nutrition is ever evolving, and we should trust health experts to deliver credible information – but ultimately, the decisions you make are your own.

Barbara Winzeler, Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian

This article was in response to the article, Hollywood vegans are trying to convince you eggs are as bad as cigarettes—that’s irresponsible and wrong.