7 Benefits of Exercise Beyond Calorie Burn

During this festive season you may be thinking to exercise or not to exercise.   You might be pondering whether the benefit of a bit of exercise will allow you less guilt less guilt as you bite into your favorite holiday treats or whether you can save that time and get more done.

In weighing your options, know that the benefits of exercise go far beyond the standard calorie burn. Being active:

1. Off-loads stress and keep you more in balance. This means you will be less likely to stress- eat or check out over too much TV.

2. Activates your brain’s reward pathways making you feel calm, peaceful, satisfied and yes, even happy.  This means you’ll be less likely to look for food to give you that feel-good rush.

3. Improves your mood which means you will be more present to the experiencing the joys of the season and less likely to sink into a poor mood or depression.

4. Helps you attune to your body’s messages.  That means you will be able to listen to your body’s hunger and satiety cues.  Even in a temptation filled season, if you eat attuned to your body’s messages you will be less likely to wreak havoc with your waistline.

5. Reduces cravings, making you less susceptible to tempting treats.

6. Boosts your energy—great for accomplishing your long to-do list!

7. Helps you sleep better which will have a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.


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