What we’re blogging about in 2014

We spent the past year reviewing numerous popular diets and dieting trends, most of them being short term diets that provide short term success.  Our goal was to help provide some objective evidence to help you make a decision on how to manage your weight challenge.  This is likely one of the most sensitive and emotional topics we all battle within ourselves.  As such it can cause us to make decisions that are fueled by our emotions and promise quick solutions.  So whenever you feel like your emotions are taking over and you start looking for the quick fixes, refer back to these “ditch the diet” posts to help you gain perspective before you make your decision.

The next step…

Where your food comes from?

How much and what types of food we eat are factors in weight, and health in general, but do you ever stop to think where your food comes from? (and further what’s in it?)

I asked my kids this question a few years ago and their answer was “the grocery store”.  I immediately went on a mission to change their answer.

In the past 8 ½ years since we started Revive Wellness, I have spent a great deal of time investigating where food comes from, what ingredients are in the food we eat and how that impacts our health. It has been eye opening and enlightening. This year we want to delve further and take you on that journey with us!

Some topics we’ll write about:

  • Ways to reduce your carbon foot print by eating locally grown foods.  (and where to find these foods in Edmonton)
  • Tours of local farms to show you how your food is grown.
  • Taking a look at what is in the processed foods we eat and give you alternative options that are more whole food based.

Stay tuned – and if you have anything you would like us to investigate about this topic please let us know and we would be happy to do so.