Body by Vi vs. Body by Revive

On the Body by Vi website— “You too can lose weight, have your supplements paid for and drive away in a dream car!” That is if you convince 3 of your friends to join in too…

We analyzed the Body by Vi “meal plan”, which will provide you 1200-1400calories/day. 18% of the calories come from fat, 44% from carbohydrates, and a whopping 38% from protein. What does the body really need to stay healthy? 20-30% from fat, 45-65% from carbohydrates, 10-20% from protein.

Because the calories are so low, the company recommends you supplement (another cost to you) with “Clear Control”, an appetite suppressant, between meals to keep those pesky hungry pains at bay. Okay, so it really doesn’t say pesky hunger pains, but seriously an appetite suppressant because they are under feeding you? Now that is some fine marketing dear readers!

Is there any risk with this type of diet? Yes, weight gain! Unless you want to pay $4.80 (or $8.30) every day for the rest of your life. (Cost of the shakes alone and cost of the shakes plus supplements, respectively). This will cost you approximately $1,800 (or $3,100) a year, never mind your actual grocery food costs! I think I’d rather save that money for a warm, yearly trip down south!

Looking to lose weight? Try this on for size:

Body by Revive – a group of registered dietitians who:
• actually care about your health
• work with the real issues that contributed to your weight gain
• work with real foods so that you can be part of all family meals
• teach you how to make healthier choices

If you want a shake for breakfast, we can create one for you… but it won’t be because we stand to make a profit off every package sold. The bonus? It’ll be made from real food and will be based on your food preferences.

Body by Revive Strawberry & Banana Swirl

Blend together:
1 cup milk or soy beverage
142g Strawberry Greek Yogurt
½ frozen banana

November 30, 2011
Revive Wellness