Casein Protein: The Key for Nighttime Repair

Training athletes undergo transitional stages of muscle breakdown and repair over a 24 hour period. During the overnight period, these athletes will sleep for an average 8-12 hours. This long overnight period leaves the athlete susceptible for the loss of lean body mass which hinders the muscle-building effects of their strength and conditioning programs. Often times, some of our athletes will lose upwards of 2-3 lbs in the overnight period. In the long run, this reduces the effectiveness of an athlete`s training program as they are not maximally recovering between training sessions.

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So what is casein? Casein protein is a slowly digesting dairy protein requiring upwards of 7-8 hours to fully breakdown. What this means to the body is a steady influx of muscle building amino acids during the overnight period by minimizing the amount of breakdown occurring. An additional benefit to casein protein is that it’s rich in calcium which is beneficial towards the maintenance of bone health and optimizing body composition.

How do you reap the benefits of this slow-digesting protein? Try the following approximately 2 hours before bedtime for about 20-25 grams protein:

  • 1 cup of 0-2% Fat Greek Yogurt
  • 1 scoop Rivalus Last Meal – this product is Informed Choice (Third Party) Tested
  • ¾ cups 2% Fat Cottage Cheese (note that this is a higher sodium option – if you have a history of high blood pressure, try the other options instead)