Conquer the Holidays with Revive

It’s that time of the year! It’s time to get a plan in place to make sure you maintain your weight and nutrition goals through all the busyness, parties and treats that go along with the holiday season.

Over the next month we’ll be working with our clients to Conquer the Holidays! We provide all the resources you need to get through the holidays, from goal-setting tips to strategies to help you avoid the many obstacles we face this time of the year. Schedule an appointment with us in the next several weeks and we can help you stay on track too!

Our dietitians were kind enough to share a few of the goals and strategies they use to Conquer the Holidays:


My goal this year is to plan my Christmas present shopping far enough in advance to stay within budget!


I make sure when I am attending holiday parties or potlucks I bring something I am comfortable eating or that will help me balance my plate. This can be anything from a festive vegetable tray with homemade dip to a Christmas-themed salad or hot veggie side dish.


I love everything about the holidays – spending time with family and friends, decorating for the holidays, and of course, giving! However, this time of the year tends to be very busy, and sometimes we forget to care for ourselves. This year, my goal is to do something small for myself each day, be it a short walk or reading a book. If we remember to take care of ourselves, we will be able to give our best to our friends and family throughout the holidays.


Snowboarding…lots of snowboarding. There’s a ton to see and do in Edmonton in the winter. Excuses not to get outside are hard to come by! I heard this from a friend: “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” To a large degree she’s right!


My goal for the holidays is to stay on track with my activity.  I find it more challenging during the winter months and no snow is having a negative impact on my plan to cross country ski!  The good news is that the River Valley stairs are free of snow!