Did I stick to my health goals while in Mexico?

When I posted Should I take my health goals on vacation with metwo weeks ago, I shared my goals with you to stay accountable. I’m back and here’s how I did:

My goals were to:
1. Stay active each day.
2. Pay attention to my portions so I ate to comfortable vs full
3. Limit my treats to 2 per day.

Exercise – I honestly wasn’t as active as I originally hoped. I am a bit disappointed but acknowledge that I was sick with a cold for part of my holiday and chose to take a few days to listen to my body and spend some time getting my energy back. My husband was also sick during much of our time away and so I lost my activity buddy which made it more challenging to go out on my own. I did however walk every day, and overall I can live with that!

Portions – I was a bit worried about this goal as were staying at an all-inclusive resort for the first week, but I am proud to say that I ate with awareness consistently I was able to balance the pleasure of eating great tasting food with my desire to eat food that made me feel energized and vibrant. Here are a few of my meals.

Refried beans, scrambled eggs, fruit and chilaquiles

Regular breakfast

Stuffed chicken with goat cheese served with vegetables and mashed pumpkin

I am the first to admit I didn’t eat perfectly … yes there’s a sausage in one of my breakfasts and I ate fried tortillas, but I did watch my portions and ate only until comfortable.

Treats – My usual limit is one glass of wine at a meal, but this holiday was partially spent with friends who also enjoyed wine and we ordered a bottle at supper, leading to sometimes having 2 glasses. So I made myself very aware of whether I chose dessert those evenings. Sometimes I chose to eat dessert because it was my favorite, other times I chose to pass because I was already content or it wasn’t something I really wanted. Again I can honestly say that I practiced restrained eating vs. restricted eating; balancing pleasure with energy and health.


Do you keep your health goals on vacation?

April 17, 2012