Are ‘Diet’ Avocados Healthier?

The beloved avocado. Have you ever heard the saying, “Why fix something if it isn’t broken?” This is exactly what came to mind when I read the article about the creation of ‘diet avocados’. Yes, that’s right! Diet avocados. The ‘avocado light’, which was formed by using a certain avocado breed in special growing conditions, is only available in Spain.

With it’s bright green exterior and smooth and creamy texture, it can be hard to imagine not loving avocados just as they are. This fruit not only provides a good dose of healthy monounsaturated fats that help keep you feeling full, but it is also a good source of fibre, vitamin E and folic acid.

Avocados are the perfect example of a calorie-dense but nutrient-dense food. So, in my opinion, you can have your avocado and eat it too! Diet avocados are not something we need to add to our food supply. Skip the low-fat version and reap the nutritional benefits that come along with a good old avocado.

I believe that when it comes to our food choices, it is best to focus on quality over quantity: rather than deciding whether to eat a food or not based on calories, focus on whether you enjoy that food, and what that food will provide you with!

You might typically have it on a salad or as the famous avocado toast, but here are some different ways to incorporate avocados into your eating routine:

  • Add avocado to your smoothies (gives extra creaminess and helps to keep you full—a good alternative for those who don’t like bananas).
  • Try avocados as a delicious addition to an egg-based breakfast.
  • Make a creamy avocado dressing for salads or pasta.
  • Try a chocolate avocado mousse for dessert!


By Kalin Herbach – Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian


Yes, diet avocados are a real thing! This article was in response to Time Magazine’s We Don’t Need Diet Avocados. At Revive, our approach is informed by current research and reliable evidence to help you create a positive relationship with your food. Like to get started? Book an initial appointment with us today! We’d love to get to know you.

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