Digestion and Superfood: Kombucha

We are excited to share a guest post with you today! Bianca Osbourne is a natural foods chef who has a love for whole, natural foods and holistic wellness. We love her food philosophy: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Mother Nature gives us everything we need to live a life full of vitality! Today she’s talking about digestion and a popular drink that aids it.

Digestion. When people think of digestion they think of a passive, involuntary action that the body carries out. And while it happens regardless, it does slow down as we age, undertake stress and eat poorly. It’s very easy to take the process of digestion for granted, it happens anyways right? WRONG!

You see there are more nerve endings in our digestive tract than our spine, and over 60% of our immunity relies on the healthy movement of our bowels; so it’s important for our long term vitality to ensure that we are eliminating properly. Just think of how stinky a garbage gets when it hasn’t been emptied in a while, the same goes for your intestines; and this rotting food becomes toxic and leads to illness, inflammation, weight gain and bad moods- just ask someone who hasn’t gone in a while, they will confirm the last one.

Kombucha is THE rising star in the health food world, getting lots of press and followers; so what is it? Well, kombucha is fermented tea that has been used for centuries in Eastern cultures to promote wellness; being touted as the elixir of life. Because of the raw, fermented nature of this product, it is a living food that provides a potent amount of nutrients and probiotics that cleanse the liver, repopulate digestive flora and keep everything running smoothly. But for some, kombucha is hard to swallow; because of the floating chunks of bacterial culture. I get it, this is why I suggest making smoothies with it. Not only are the chunks blended to oblivion, but we are able to pair it with other digestion promoting foods, like probiotic yogurt, fiber rich berries and cell loving greens powder. It’s also worth mentioning that having good liver and bowel function contributes to vibrant looking skin; so if that gets you on the kombucha bandwagon, I have no problem pleading to your vain side!

As the seasons change, feel free to take liberties with your choice of fruit and throw in some vegetables if that’s your thing; the beauty of smoothies is that they are completely bespoke- they are whatever you want them to be! So long as the kombucha and probiotic yogurt are present, this smoothie will get the job done.

As a warning, if you haven’t gone in a while and drink this smoothie, be sure that within 6-8 hours you are within a decent proximity to a private bathroom; gross I know, but everyone will thank you. Consider yourself warned.

Kombucha Smoothie
1/2 cup raspberries
1/2 cup blueberries
3/4 tbsp green powder (chlorella, spirulina, e3 live)
2 tbsp probiotic yogurt
1 cup plain kombucha (homemade or storebought)

Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth.

Kombucha smoothies will keep everything in working order. Now drink and be merry!