Do Your Part During The Pandemic – Webinar Series

We live in an amazing country and have an amazing healthcare system that up until this pandemic has been here to support each of us when in need. But the reality we are faced with today is that our system now needs US. It needs us to look after ourselves because our system can not look after each of us all at the same time. It is simply an impossible ask.

We want to do our part in helping support our clients, followers, readers and all Canadians!

One of the resources we are very proud of is a FREE webinar series called Do Your Part. Our intent is to help people take care of themselves while staying at home. During stressful times, self-care falls to the wayside, but as Loreen (our CEO) shares in this blog, it is the one thing we can control right now and it does contribute to the fight against COVID-19. Throughout this series our:

  • Psychologist is sharing tips on how to cope with stress, working on relationships
  • Dietitians are sharing tips in building a strong immune system and finding balance during the pandemic
  • Chef is sharing simple and cheap meal ideas along with meal planning strategies
  • Fitness partner is sharing ways to stay active at home
  • Physiotherapy partner is sharing tips on good ergonomics while working from home
  • And more…..


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September 1, 2020
Callie Wright