Dr. Oz’s False Hope When It Comes To Weight Loss

You’ve probably seen, or at least heard the buzz about Dr. Oz being taken to court over the fact that the products he promotes on his program are, well, fakes. He’s been accused of endorsing “miracle” weight loss products that have no scientific proof that they work. Despite recognizing they often don’t have the scientific muster to present as fact, he claims that he “actually [does] personally believe in the items that [he] talks about on the show.” So why would a thoracic surgeon who is the Vice-Chair of Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians take such a contradictory stand? The answer Oz says, is simple: hope. He hopes for a healthier America and to give hope to overweight individuals to keep trying to lose weight. Considering the evidence (or lack thereof), the next question to ask is, is this false hope? If you haven’t taken a look into the supplements and cleanses Dr. Oz recommends, take a quick read of Kelsey’s experience on the Dr. Oz Detox Cleanse and our thoughts on the Dr. Oz Detox Cleanse. The practicality of taking all the supplements Dr. Oz recommends is burdensome to say the least. And as to their effectiveness? The jury is still out.

The court case against Dr. Oz indicates when seeking out advice, even from health professionals, we need to do dig a little deeper.

  • Who is recommending the product?
    Even if it is a doctor, check to make sure the individual recommending the supplement has the appropriate degree and doctorate.
  • Look at the suppliers and the fine print.
    Is someone benefiting financially from promoting this product? If yes, red flag.
  • Look at the studies that are showing the “evidence” of the product.
    If there really isn’t much, there likely won’t be much success.

We see infomercials and advertisements all the time about miracle weight loss, or products like “one weird trick to lose belly fat!” We know if it’s too good to be true, it likely is. Why then do we continue to buy into the latest supplement that will ‘change everything’? I think Dr. Oz is bang on – we want hope. Changing diet and lifestyle is hard, and does not always produce immediate results. It can be hard to get started, and even harder to maintain. All we’re looking for is a hand up, the opportunity for a fresh start, or a little boost to get us on our way. To his credit, Dr. Oz continues to promote a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity and a healthy diet. But before we complicate life with expensive supplements or place all our hope in a pill, maybe we just need to simplify. Yes, change is difficult and frustrating, and the struggles might seem to outnumber the successes, but making sustainable changes to your lifestyle far outweighs popping a pill every day.

Dr. Oz has not stepped down from his position at Columbia University as he was asked to. He also hasn’t stopped promoting the products on his show. He stands by the fact that he has the freedom of speech to continue to talk about these issues. We are all free to have our opinion, including one of the most influential medical professionals on TV. The fact that he has the ability to influence us in our own living room means we need to be even more disciplined at filtering and fostering our own hope for change.

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July 17, 2015
Revive Wellness