Edmonton’s Winter Wonders

When I was in my second year of university, I was living with my older sister in a small house just off of Whyte Avenue. We both were spending our first summer in Edmonton instead of returning home to our small home town, and adopted a mantra of saying “Yes!” to any summer event that Edmonton had to offer. I often think back to that summer and remember it being one of the best I have ever had, just because of the simple fact that we embraced what Edmonton had to offer and made the most of it.

With another chilly, Albertan winter in full swing, I find myself choosing to forego plans and opting for nights in more frequently. However, over the past few years, I have tried to adopt a similar mentality for winter as I have had for summer—say “Yes!” to winter events and make the most of this icebox that we call home.

Edmonton has taken some unbelievably amazing steps to making winter a time that doesn’t need to be miserable and isolating, so that we may embrace the chill and experience winter in a new way. Did you know, for instance, that Edmonton has several locations with free, groomed cross-country ski trails including Gold Bar Park and Victoria Park? Perhaps you are more of spectator and would enjoy watching the Red Bull Crashed Ice event happening in early March. Candy Cane Lane (running annually throughout December) and Zoominescence: Festival of Light are both wonderful events to attend with your children and enjoy as a family the splendor of lights twinkling up the snowy night sky.

Choosing to bundle up and enjoy good community with fellow Edmontonians can truly change your outlook when it comes to another long winter. Check out a full list of events in Taproot’s Guide to Edmonton Winter Festivals and Events and make this winter your most memorable yet!


By Barbara Winzeler – Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian

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