Even Healthy Individuals Will Benefit From Nutrition Counselling

As I sit here writing my blog post for tomorrow (on my next test results- saturated fat and risk of becoming overweight), I decided to take some time to explain why we’ve added Nutrigenomix to our services.

I have been in practice for 15 years and have worked with many people who are plagued with chronic diseases secondary to poor diet and lifestyle choices.  I enjoy coaching these individuals on ways they can improve their eating habits and lifestyle to help prevent further complications.  Unfortunately though, once we get diagnosed with a chronic disease, we typically have it for life.

While counselling those with diseases is one part of our business, we are very passionate about helping people prevent diseases. (read our vision here)

It is for this reason I have pondered the following question over the past 15 years- how do we motivate currently disease- and symptom- free individuals to eat a balanced diet and practice an active lifestyle?  Degrees in nutrition and and psychology have not helped me reach a conclusion yet!

What I have discovered is what may motivate one person may not work for the next person, which means I need to have many options for people to try. This is even more challenging with the healthy individuals out there.

They either feel good, and spend little time thinking about what they are eating or how much they are exercising; or are healthy because they have a keen interest in being so, already eating a balanced diet and engaging in exercise. Therefore neither sees a need to change their lifestyle.

This is completely normal and totally logical— we seek out help when we feel we have a problem to solve.

Therefore the Nutrigenomix test is a great option for this group of individuals.  Finding out how their diet may influence their risk of developing chronic diseases if they have the particular gene variants may help motivate these “healthy individuals” to make some changes to their diet to help reduce their risk.

It is another evidence based tool I now have in my kit and I am excited to be using it with my clients. Please let me know if you have any questions.