How Working with a Registered Psychologist Helps My Clients.

As a dietitian I feel honored to work with my clients on their journey to improve their health and reach their goals.  It is truly a privilege! For each individual person, these goals are unique to them and their lifestyle. Often a client will come with a specific goal mind such as weight loss but through the journey realize that this is not necessarily a goal but an outcome of behaviours that serve them.


As a dietitian it is my goal to give clients skills and tools to allow them to better connect with their body; to teach them how to listen and respond to their body, and nourish it in a way that feels good. One of the secret weapons on our team is Faye – a registered psychologist that works with our Alberta clients. Faye does an excellent job outlining how she can help support clients in this blog:

How a registered psychologist can support your wellness journey with a Revive Wellness Dietitian/


From my experience working with a psychologist allows our clients to get to place of self acceptance and curiosity sooner then my clients who choose not to see a psychologist. When a client sees both Faye and I simultaneously I notice they:

  1. Become more in tune with their body their self talk softens. Their expectations become more realistic which in turn reduces their stress and allows them to enjoy and engage in the process.


  1. They become intuitive eaters quicker. They learn how to check in with their body and respond to hunger and fullness. They can better understand if their hunger is homeostatic (body hunger) or hedonic (reward). Working with both Faye and I allows them to develop strategies for each type of hunger.


  1. Expectations they put on themselves are more realistic and our sessions can be more focused on the nutrition piece because they are being supported with the psychological piece.


  1. We can identify the triggers in your life and routine that may impact your behaviors as it relates to your health.


  1. The importance of self care for that individual and what it looks like becomes front in center.



You are the best expert on you. Currently our culture is inundated with all sorts of dietary recommendations –what you should be doing, what you should not be doing, what you should be eating, what you should not be eating, and the reality is nutrition is highly individual.

When working with a client our goal is to find a pattern of eating that works for that client and their lifestyle that allows them to nourish their body in a way that feels good provide some energy excitement and joy. Working with a psychologist can help to get us here faster by better understanding the factors that may be holding you back, or how they are related to your relationship with food and yourself.


By Kelsey Hagen

– Registered Dietitian (Nutritionist)

March 2, 2021
Revive Wellness