The Ingredients in Your Food

There are many misconceptions about what is important when looking at food for health.  For many years the focus has been on teaching people how to read a food label for amounts of fat, calories etc.  While the food label contributes an important part of the picture it certainly isn’t the complete picture and as far as your Revive team is concerned it has never been the most important piece of the puzzle!

What is? Eating real food. Whole food.

As part of our Where Your Food Comes From campaign, we are starting with the food on your grocery store shelf.  Each day on our Facebook page, we will show you a picture of a popular food item and a picture of the “whole” food ingredients and a picture of “the additives” used.  You may be surprised at what you find out! Even we were!

Here’s the first example – good ol’ peanut butter:

We have two important points about the ingredient list to make. First, if you can’t visualize the natural source of a food ingredient listed on a label then it isn’t a whole food. And if it is some chemical name it is likely produced in a lab, and do you really want to eat that?