Kelsey’s experience on the Dr.Oz 3-day detox cleanse

After sharing my thoughts on Dr.Oz’s 3-day detox cleanse, I committed to trying it myself to provide you with even more feedback, as detoxes and cleanses are becoming increasingly popular.

Having never attempted a cleanse before I had no expectations; my fiancé even decided to try it with me.  To be quite honest I was really excited, as the past 5 weeks I have been very focused on nutrition and training while competing in the Crossfit Open, so taking a few days off from cooking… and eating was appealing.

Day one: When I printed out the instructions for the three day cleanse I was happy to see all foods that I love! Since I eat 8 cups of vegetables and 1 cup of fruit most days I was not concerned. I went shopping the night before and spent about $80 for the two of us.

The first shake was by far my favorite- It tasted a little different but I could handle it.  My fiancé however could not, after one sip he decided to not continue!  Next came lunch;  this smoothie was so thick I could only take small mouthfuls and eventually started gagging trying to get it down! After 3 hours I gave up and decided to save the other half for the next day. Unfortunately dinner was a similar story as lunch. Overall Day one was not so bad, and I even go some extra steps in walking to the bathroom every hour! (one of the effects of cleansing)

Day Two: Again, the day started well with the first smoothie, but then lunch came and I couldn’t get the smoothie down again as well as with dinner, by this point I was starting to get really cranky, and tired. I noticed when I was working with my clients in the afternoon I was not my usual chipper self, and had to use my internal filter as when I get hungry I am not as focused in my wording, I was less compassioned, and found it harder to concentrate.

Day Three: That night before, I made the decision to still follow the cleanse this day, but eat the foods I could individually and blend the rest. As a result I was able to take in most of the recommended intake; and I tell you celery sticks and almond butter never tasted so good! (A combination of foods from the lunch and dinner smoothies)



Out of curiosity I measured my body composition before and after the cleanse. Interestingly enough I lost 4 lbs in the 3 days, but the majority of it was water weight. What’s worse—I lost almost a full pound of muscle mass and I gained a ½ pound of fat mass! I was surprised by this as I had still trained every day of the cleanse.

My weight returned to normal within 4 days, with an additional 2lbs that seem to be staying.

So overall, the cleanse was not the 3 day vacation I was hoping it to be. I didn’t feel great during it, and was excited to eat whole foods upon completion. I was surprise that my biggest craving was protein, where I thought for sure I would want chocolate….although those cravings came about 3 days later.

While I’m not overly sold on the idea of a cleanse yet, I would still like to continue learning more about them, and see if they have a place in a healthy diet.  I can see how some people may want to use a cleanse as a way to “kick start” a diet, but as I’m sure our followers have learned by now we don’t encourage diets  we encourage lifestyle changes.


Note: My fiancé pointed out that most people view being healthy as being painful, depriving yourself of your favourite foods, cutting out whole food group, eating only vegetables grueling workouts….which is why some people may find cleanses appealing, because they are hard to do. I can see how people may want to use the cleanse a way reverse their poor habits, but the truth is they might actually exacerbate them and force them in into a dieting cycle of eat unhealthy food choices, repent (feeling guilty for those choices)  then repeat the cycle again, or if you are chronic cleanser eat, repent, cleanse, repeat.

I think every person is very individual and the idea of doing a cleanse needs to be assessed by a case by case basis. I think for those clients reading this, if you are considering one come talk to us first and see if it is the right choice for you.  Interestingly enough when I was looking at the different type of cleanses available, the ones that include real foods are very similar to an elimination diet, cutting out major allergens and gut irritants to help bring the gut back to base line, and rebuild the diet from there (which is something we do recommend with certain clients)

I do acknowledge that I was not able to follow the cleanse 100% so there may have been different results if I could. This is why I am still open to the idea of trying them. I hope some of you readers found this helpful. I look forward to hearing some of your experiences, thoughts or suggestions. The more I learn about nutrition the more I realize how individual it is; and creating the perfect formula for my clients is always an incredible journey.