Let’s talk meatless with: Michael Kalmanovitch

20 years ago, Michael Kalmanovitch turned his passion for green living (and encouraging others to adopt a greener lifestyle) into Earth’s General, a space that “offer[s] people information and products to help them lessen their impact on the environment and society”.

While teaching green living lifestyle courses and workshops, Michael noticed the number of people asking where to find certain items and more information was growing. Opening the store allowed him to not only give the advice, but provide the products! Earth’s General carries everything from organic cleaning products to worms for composting. All the food items are vegetarian and vegan, and are organic, local (if possible) and sustainable.

Lets learn a little more about this meatless advocate:


When did you start eating a vegetarian diet?

What kind of vegetarian would you describe yourself as?
I am ovo-lacto (meaning I do not eat meat but will eat dairy and eggs)

Why have you chosen this lifestyle?
The number one reason is environmental impact.

What challenges have you faced living on a vegetarian diet?
Not too many. It’s actually quite easy and enjoyable.

What restaurants in Edmonton do you frequent?
Cafe Mosaics

Favorite dish?
Tofu Clubhouse

Recommended resources for new vegetarians/vegans?
The vegan & vegetarian association of Alberta (find them online here)
Earth’s General Store
The VOA library (available at Earth’s General Store)

Any veggie myths you would like to expel?
“But where do you get your protein?” This is one of the first things many vegetarians are asked and it is the biggest myth.


Note: There is a lot of protein misinformation out there. We’ll be covering this topic here soon!