Let’s talk meatless with: Pamella Lee Heikel

Pamella is a marketer, communicator and social media maven who started her own company called Cool Communications. She also finds time to write poetry and cook up some tasty vegetarian dishes!

When did you start eating a vegetarian diet? 1991. I was 17 years old and had just seen an article about it on the front page of the Edmonton Journal with Madonna and Einstein (two of my favorite people!) I originally adopted the diet just to see if I could do it, then I stopped getting sick as much as I used to and just continued.

What kind of vegetarian would you describe yourself as? I don’t really use labels. I describe myself as a conscious eater.

Why have you chosen this lifestyle? It makes me feel good. I was always getting sick as a child and now I never do!

What challenges have you faced living on a vegetarian diet? Not too many. Mostly just when travelling or going to dinner at friends.

What restaurants in Edmonton do you frequent? Cafe Mosaic, Dadeo’s, Blue Plate Diner and New Asian Village. But mostly my husband and I eat at home.

Favorite dish? I love the tofu sesame snacks from Planet Organic!

Recommended resources? The book- Eat Right for your Blood Type

Any veggie myths you would like to expel? Yes! That it is an unhealthy diet. I have so much energy and feel great! That being said, I don’t think that it is for everyone. I believe we have to figure out what’s best for our bodies and individual needs.