Let’s talk meatless with: Sheniz Kassam

If you read my glowing review of Noorish Conscious Eatery and Elixir Bar back in November, you might guess that I have become a regular! So it is fitting that the first person to interview in our “let’s talk meatless with” series is one of the owners-Sheniz Kassam.


When did you start eating a vegetarian diet?
Over 8 years ago.

What kind of vegetarian would you describe yourself as?

I’m not into labels, so I would describe myself as an intuitive eater. I like to include living elements in my meals and eat according to how I am feeling.

Why have you chosen this lifestyle?

The spiritual aspect really appeals to me- I believe in Karma and the taking on of the life force of animals. To a lesser degree, the ethical and environmental aspects of the lifestyle are also important in my decision.

What challenges have you faced living on a vegetarian diet?

Not too many. But every once in awhile the cravings (especially for nostalgic foods) is challenging.

What restaurants in Edmonton do you frequent?
Culina’s, Cafe Mosaic and the Blue Plate Diner.

Favorite dish?

Our Bodhi Burger, especially with the herbed cashew cream!

Recommended resources for new vegetarians/vegans?
The vegan & vegetarian association (find them online here)
Superfoods by David Wolfe
Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens

Any veggie myths you would like to expel?
Many people assume that a vegetarian diet means eating raw veggies (celery and carrot sticks!) and not feeling sastified/satiated. This is far from the truth!


(I know it’s far from the truth, especially after eating a meal at Noorish!)