Meatless in April: Recipe Roundup

It must have been all the talk about lunch  on the blog recently, because most of the meatless recipes I tweeted, pinned, bookmarked, made, etc. this month, happened to be lunch recipes too!

Here’s the meatless meals I was loving in April:

Quinoa is one of my favorite things to eat for lunch, as it is a complete protein and high in fibre.  Not only did I upgrade my Citrus Beet Salad by using quinoa (see quinoa with beets,oranges and pistachios), I also bookmarked these 3 recipes to try:

Green beans and tricolour quinoa
Whole Living’s quinoa salad (the whole meal looks divine!)
Spinach pesto Quinoa

Maki’s leek frittata was so satisfying, even the meat-eater in my life liked this for a weekend lunch. Leeks were a hit around my house in April, as we also packed away my broccoli leek soup with a hint of coconut.

Finally, what’s a lunch post without sandwiches? I pinned this grilled tomato and brie sandwich to pinterest for our upcoming newsletter and food 101 post, then subbed in dairy-free mozzarella and ate it twice this weekend! Another pinterest inspired sandwich was this roasted beet on a baguette, a perfect way to use up the last of my beets!


Tell me, what meatless meals were you inspired by, experimenting with or even just pinning?