Meet the Revive Team: Holiday Edition

With the holiday season in full swing, we wanted to take the time to share some holiday favourites from the Revive dietitians!

We asked our team: What is your favourite…

  1. winter activity?
  2. holiday dish?
  3. family tradition?



  1. Cross country skiing
  2. My mother-in-law’s butter tarts
  3. Just simply hanging out with family


  1. Snowboarding
  2. Turkey stuffing
  3. Sunday dinners


  1. Hikes on the river valley trails
  2. Stuffing
  3. PJs all day and night on Christmas


  1. Downhill skiing and skating
  2. Mashed sweet potato
  3. Playing a 3-day game of monopoly with my siblings


  1. Going for walks or the gym
  2. Stuffing—hands down!
  3. Making pizza on Christmas Eve


  1. Snowshoeing
  2. My sister’s pumpkin pie
  3. On Christmas morning, the first person up turns on a really loud song and wakes the rest of the house up. I love waking up to that song!


  1. Skiing/snowboarding
  2. My husband’s turkey
  3. Reading “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve


  1. River valley walks or snowshoeing
  2. Sweet potato pie
  3. Wine and cheese night on Christmas Eve


Happy Holidays! Tag us on Instagram (@revivewellnessinc) to share your answers to these questions; we’d love to learn more about you!