Mindful Exercise: Focus on What Really Matters in Fitness

Sometimes we’re inundated with so much information, that it can be hard to decompress. Overwhelmed, our mind begins to wander between immediate and abiding tasks, leaving us frustrated, stressed and possibly paralysed with indecision.  Time and time again, exercise has come through as a natural, effective way of relieving stress and a contributing factor in a more effective lifestyle. 

Exercise is most effective in proper doses and frequencies, while also being mentally focused on present goals and current situation; a practice and therapy style known as ‘Mindfulness’.

Mindful exercise is about mental preparation; signifying the importance of an exercise regimen, and structuring our day around it. For example, I set aside time from each day for a workout. Whether it’s a solo activity or with someone else, I try and schedule it so it won’t be affected by other appointments or potential surprises. It’s important to be realistic about your schedule in order for it to be effective – remember that while the average exercise routine should be about an hour long, you’ll need time to shower, change, eat, etc. Being mindful about your exercises requires you to focus on muscular breathing and steady breathing. Pay attention to your motions, engaging muscles during movements while keeping your breaths regular; clear your mind of external circumstances and any past or future thoughts.  

Mindfulness allows us to gain full, potential value from anything in life, including exercise. Avoid just simply going through the motions; if you find yourself losing focus, stop and re-discover your purpose. At Blitz Conditioning, I frequently use this technique on clients – it really works and leaves them feeling relaxed!

 Go ahead! Practice being mindful about exercising, and leave me a comment below on your experience! 

April 27, 2012
Revive Wellness