Nibble Fitness: A little, amounts to a lot!

The weather outside is improving, and the season of outdoor fitness is upon us. Running shoe stores and outdoor fitness classes are going to get busy, as everyone has the same idea to jump start on their goals.

Lots of people set attainable goals, and even properly plan ahead to execute it successfully. But, whether they want to run 10K, start a regular exercise routine, or become more active – the biggest issue is always getting started. The task at hand seems daunting, and making it habit never happens.

At Blitz Conditioning, we advocated the strategy of “Nibble Fitness” – practicing frequent fitness activity is small, easier doses. Research has shown that our bodies adapt more towards constant physical activity throughout the day, opposed to a single hour of exercise every day. If you want to apply “Nibble Fitness” into your routine, here’s how:

Focus on incorporating small bits of exercise into portions of your day – try walking for 5 minutes, or do 1 minute of push-ups and/or squats every few hours. Maintain a small amount of exercise for a few weeks, and then start to double the time and frequency of your routine. (EG: after 2 weeks, try walking for 10 minutes twice a day) It’s pretty easy to adapt this exercise method into small breaks at work, or around the small windows of time throughout the different things we do in a day.

Practicing Nibble Fitness psychologically downplays the change we’re making in our lifestyle, making the whole transition less overwhelming. Allowing our bodies to progressively adapt to exercise on a regular basis in smaller quantities makes the whole concept more palatable.

It’s not uncommon to experience struggles with starting something new, or fitting it into your schedule. Try thinking of Nibble Fitness like a snack – try and keep up every few hours, instead of just once or twice a day. Along with proper eating habits, Nibble Fitness will increase metabolism as well!

May 11, 2012
Revive Wellness