Prediabetes and the Prevention of Diabetes

Did you know as per Diabetes Canada:

– 6 million Canadians are living with prediabetes

– 1 in 3 people are living with diabetes or prediabetes

– 1.1 million people in Alberta are living with diabetes or prediabetes

– Every 3 minutes a person is diagnosed with diabetes

– By 2027 they are estimating that 14 million people will be living with diabetes or prediabetes.


These numbers are shocking and scary and are going to continue to increase if we don’t start taking action! Prediabetes means that your blood sugars are higher than normal but does not yet meet the criteria for diabetes. Therefore, think of this as a “heads-up flashing” sign because when we start working on our health and lifestyle changes now, as per Diabetes Canada, more than half of the cases of diabetes can be prevented or delayed! Not only does making healthier lifestyle choices reduce your risk of developing health conditions it also can improve quality of life and make you feel better! This is great news but where to start?


Anytime we can start making and changing our health behaviours is a good start. It also means that you don’t have to change everything overnight. Learning new behaviours and adopting new habits is a process/journey. It can be simple steps like eating more fruits and vegetables, starting to incorporate activity, or even reducing sitting time or seeking out support to help you get started.


How can we help?

Registered Dietitians help clients create habits that work for individual lifestyles. We work with people where they are at and how can we change behaviours, ensuring they are realistic and sustainable!  Dietitians can also help with looking at the big picture of health. Healthy eating is one piece of the puzzle – how you move your body, how you are managing stress, managing your sleep as well as monitoring your health are all part of it.

Here are some questions to think about it:

  • Are you at risk or have been diagnosed with prediabetes and feeling lost with what you are hearing about eating for prediabetes?
  • Are you missing any meals?
  • Are you omitting foods from your diet, worried they will cause diabetes?
  • Are you having troubles with finding a meal pattern that works for you?
  • Are you looking for someone to sit down with you and talk about how your lifestyle habits and how to change them?
  • Are you looking for ways to change your lifestyle to better manage your health?
  • Are you ready to start changing your lifestyle today to stay ahead of diabetes?


If you answered yes to any of these questions – then booking an appointment with one of our Dietitians is a great start. As a matter of fact, our team has two Certified Diabetes Educators who would love to work with you on managing your health and diabetes.

If you are wanting to know if you are at risk of developing diabetes here is a great test to take:


By Andrea Shackel

– Registered Dietitian (Nutritionist) & Certified Diabetes Educator