Revive Reviews: The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is not a diet in the sense that you follow it for a short term period, but rather more a lifestyle. The paleo diet encourages choosing food available prior to the agricultural revolution, essentially foods that should be hunted, fished, and gathered.  This includes: grass fed/finished meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, roots, and fruit. The foods that are not recommended include: dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, potatoes, processed oils, and any foods that were grown after the agricultural revolution. However there are other variations, such as Primal, that include higher fat dairy.


There is no additional cost, but the cost of food may increase depending on your current eating habits.


Weight loss? Most people tend to lose weight depending on their current eating patterns, but the main focus of the diet is not about weight loss, but being healthy and reducing your risk for chronic disease.  More than weight loss I find people begin to learn a lot about their relationship food, and how often we depend on processed foods.


If you do not like to cook this is not the pattern of eating for you! The hardest challenge with this diet is making sure you have planned your meals and have food available, as it is harder to grab and go. I also encourage people that if you are wanted to try this diet seek out a dietitian (like me) who understand the diet and can help you learn to balance it, as I find many people will try to cut out the fat in order to cut calories, or focus too much on the protein and not enough on the vegetables. Balance is really important with the pattern of eating otherwise you will be at risk for many nutrition deficiencies.  Working with a dietitian can also help you with meal planning, how to including some of your favorite foods and to help provide you with some strategies for success.

Would a dietitian eat this way?

Many people are surprised when they learn that I tend to follow this pattern of eating with adjustments for my lifestyle.  I will encourage this pattern for some of my clients if I think they would benefit from it, or are interested in trying. I do think it is worth trying as it helps clients be more mindful of the foods they choose in their diet, and learn to not rely on processed food as much


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