Spring Into Nutrition: Healthful Options with Wheat

The following blog and recipes appeared on Life’s Simple Ingredient as part of a collaboration with Revive Wellness.

March is the start of spring, a season of change. The snow melts, flowers start to bloom, and animals come out of hibernation. This season of change is also a good time for us to check in with ourselves and set new goals for our health.


March is also Nutrition Month! The aim of this month is to bring public awareness to making healthier, more informed food choices, and develop lifestyle habits to improve health. This year, the theme of Nutrition Month is “Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow,” which encourages individuals to look past barriers and seek the “ingredients” they need to improve their health.


An amazing ingredient that we have access to here in Canada is wheat! What’s even better is that it is full of nutrients. It’s a great source of fibre, B vitamins, and minerals – and when consumed as a full grain, whole wheat is also a wonderful source of protein. Just 100 grams (~1/2 cup) of whole wheat has an impressive 13g protein and 10g fibre! You will find that whole wheat flour is used in our Banana Berry Mini Muffins recipe which helps to increase the protein, fibre, and overall nutrient content for these lovely muffins that make a great addition to breakfast or can be eaten at snack time!


Including more foods in your diet that are rich in protein and fibre, such as wheat, will keep you feeling full for longer, manage blood sugar levels, and boost your energy. To top it all off, wheat is very abundant in Canada, making wheat products a great economical choice. With food costs rising, it’s even more important for many households to stay within set budgets while still making sure families get the nutrients they need for their growing children.


A family favourite recipe in my house is the Homemade Veggie Pizza Pockets. These pizza pockets come together easily, are fun to make, and are super delicious! Feel free to change things up a bit with the fillings to make it your own. This is a great way to use those left-over veggies at the end of the week. They also freeze really well, so double to batch and store the leftovers (if there are any!) in a freezer-safe bag in the freezer for up to three months. Use them on road trips, school lunches, or fun dinner nights. I know with spring break coming up, I’ll be making this one with my kiddo. She absolutely loves helping out in the kitchen, and this is a great way for her to explore and taste different veggies without the pressure. I often find her munching on the different veggies as I’m chopping them for the pizza pockets. That’s definitely a win in my books!


About Marina Mansour, Registered Dietitian

Marina’s passion for nutrition comes from understanding its impact on health and wanting to share that with others. Healthy living is a means to promote wellbeing and prevent or manage chronic disease. It’s never too early or too late to start, and she is there to support you in any way she can. Helping empower people to live their best life truly brings her joy. Marina loves traditional, cultural foods and modifying recipes to make them even healthier without sacrificing taste. Eating is so much more than the food on our plate – it’s about the enjoyment, the laughter, and the relationships that come with it as well. As a Registered Dietitian, she wants to help you enjoy healthy eating and develop a positive relationship with food. She is fulfilled by working with families and enabling them to make positive, sustainable changes to their health.