Sumo Wrestler Meals vs. Holiday Meals

The holiday season is in full swing with parties, celebrations and outings. Additional commitments often leave us feeling overwhelmed and our schedules jam-packed. In an effort to make life more manageable, we start deleting things from our schedule to accommodate for the extra activities. Ironically, the items we delete are the very ones that help us maintain our waistlines throughout the year. Things like exercise and planning and prepping our meals slip out of our routine. When this is paired with extra celebrations involving decadent food, it creates a perfect recipe for weight gain.

To demonstrate how easy it is to overindulge and sacrifice self-care over the holiday season, we decided to compare a sumo wrestler`s diet to the typical Christmas break diet:


What we can learn from this information?:

  • Eat breakfast with plenty of protein! This will help control cravings throughout the day and into the evening.
  • Plan for treats. Learn how to fit treats into your week or get involved with Think Outside the Chocolate Box to create a healthy change within your business community.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol during meals. Consuming alcohol with meals can actually increase fat storage.

This year, give yourself the best Christmas present ever, self-care! Make yourself a priority. Take time out of your busy schedule to keep yourself organized and maintain your fitness and regular eating schedule. You will be amazed how different you’ll feel after the holidays – By maintaining your routine, you will be more in control of the extra treats! 

How do you maintain your waistline over the holidays?
We would love to hear some of your tips and tricks!