Trevor’s Story: Chapter 1

In a new series of blogs, Trevor, one of Kalin’s clients, will recount his experience working with Revive. Trevor will describe the challenges he encounters throughout his journey and some of the strategies he has learned on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

In May 2016 I finally decided it was time to do something about my weight. To be fair, it was time to do something quite some time ago, but I was finally ready to DO something about it. I was now quite a bit heavier after 7 years of desk work. I had worked for 13 years before that in the live events industry, loading and setting up heavy speakers and video equipment for concerts and meetings and working up to 90 hours in a week. While I was doing that, I was never thin, but all the physical activity at least allowed me to eat pretty much anything and not gain any weight. Now that I’ve got a desk job (and hit 40) I no longer have that luxury. Something had to change.

I signed up for a 1-year weight loss plan at Revive and had my first meeting in June. During my first analysis I weighed in at 337 pounds. Yep, we’ve got some work to do. We set my first goal at 270 pounds, the weight I had gotten down to on my last fad diet I tried about 6 years ago. It was one of those companies designed to sell you protein powder and vitamins more than help you lose weight. It definitely worked, but all I was eating was 2 shakes a day and a small meal for dinner, so it couldn’t NOT work.

However, it didn’t last… I had tried seeing the Dietitian at my doctor’s office about a year ago, but that definitely did not fit my style. I’m a 42-year-old man and I don’t like being condescended to. If I wanted to just look at the Canada food guide and just “eat more balanced” and “choose smaller portions” I could do that on my own. I’m here for help because I need a push in the right direction.

Revive definitely was giving me what I wanted out of a dietitian. I got a meal plan that helped me understand the sorts of things and the quantity of items that I should be eating for each meal and snack. I started eating breakfast every day (using the smoothie recipe that they gave me as a sample breakfast). I bought a Vitamix blender to help with that. My wife and I both like to cook together, so cooking from scratch wasn’t much of a problem for us in that regard. We stopped buying packaged meals almost entirely (still can’t completely get rid of KD or Campbell’s soup).

I also started taking lunch to work every single day. After 6 months I now only miss taking lunch to work once or twice a month. We started batch cooking soups and stews every third or fourth weekend. 3 recipes would give me the base of the next 18 days lunch at work. Now I just grab a frozen soup or stew from the freezer and add a salad with a ziplock bag of chicken breast that I packed into 2oz bags last week. Then I add a piece of fruit and a half cup of cottage cheese (it really makes things easier that I actually LIKE cottage cheese). I have a box of Elevate Me bars at work (love the peanut butter cocoa bars, they taste like an Eat More bar) that I have in the afternoon.

We just did another analysis after 6 months of eating healthier. I’m down to 289 pounds with almost all of my weight loss being fat and not muscle. Only 19 pounds to go to my goal and I haven’t even added in any exercise yet! I had to go buy some new clothes, and for the first time in years I was able to buy clothes from a regular store in the mall and not a “big and tall” store. That felt pretty good.