Trevor’s Story: Chapter 2

In a new series of blogs, Trevor, one of Kalin’s clients, will recount his experience working with Revive. Trevor will describe the challenges he encounters throughout his journey and some of the strategies he has learned on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

So… the last time I wrote I was doing great! I was down to 289 lbs. and was sure I was on my way to reaching my goal weight of 270 lbs. shortly after my birthday on February 17th. But sometimes life doesn’t work out quite the way you think it will.

I bought a new scale, a Withings Body Cardio, that would automatically update my weight to the LoseIt app on my phone. On February 10th I was down to 276 lbs. Then my birthday came around and my wife took me out to a great new restaurant in downtown Edmonton. I decided I was going to forget about any sort of meal plan and just go for it. I’d done really great and I deserved to have whatever I wanted, right? I had a few drinks (my goal was to make the bartender climb the ladder to the top shelf to get something for one of my drinks), as well as an appetizer, entree and dessert.

On top of that, we went out with my wife’s family eight days later and had pizza, drinks and dessert. Then, it was a friend’s 50th birthday and I drove down to Calgary at the start of March to celebrate with him. It had been a long time since some of us had gotten together, so a rather large quantity of alcohol was emptied into our stomachs that night (oh, and smoked brisket too).

A few other things contributed to less than stellar results over the last couple of months as well. First, a co-worker returned to work. Now don’t get me wrong, I was happy to have him back, but he also brought chocolate, nuts, cookies, and other goodies back with him. And he loves to share. Second, I had received a large amount of gourmet popcorn for Christmas, and when I make popcorn, it’s usually with butter. Now the butter with my popcorn has been cut back a lot since I started eating better, but the number of times a week we made popcorn began to increase. Finally, I got to the point where I thought I was doing so good that a pack of Skittles once in a while wouldn’t kill me. A cookie here or there would be ok, and a little bit of ice cream should be fine.

I’m back up to 281 now. For as bad as how the last 2 paragraphs sounded I’m betting you thought it was going to be more. It certainly could have been, but I was still making smoothies every day for breakfast, packing a lunch and snacks every day for work. I’m still tracking everything on my LoseIt app (134 day streak!), and I’m still trying to make each choice a little bit healthier than it would have been a year ago. I also bought a hydroponic garden and we’re growing lettuce on our kitchen counter.

So it’s not as bad as it could have been, but it’s important to keep moving in the right direction.