Valentine’s Day Eats

Showing how much you love that special person in your life does not necessarily mean you have book a reservation at a fancy restaurant 3 weeks ahead of time for February 14th. I would argue that it is more important to connect with your partner through little things that you do together throughout the year!

However, Valentines Day does act as reminder to nurture the romantic spirit of your relationship, and an interactive cooking experience is one delicious way to enjoy yourself from the comfort of your own home. Listed are a few ideas that will set your night on fire having fun cooking a delicious and romantic meal (while you’re at it maybe light a candle to set that atmosphere!):

1) Breakfast:
a. Heart Shaped egg in the hole
b. Try some delicious dark chocolate waffles or heart shaped pancakes

2) Lunch:
a. Send your loves a fruit valentine

3) Dinner:
a. Be the lovebirds you are and roast some Cornish hens!
b. Go to a local Italian supermarket, get 2 freshly made authentic pizza dough balls and make your own pizza! Top with your favorite add-ons like bell pepper, mushroom, prosciutto, mozzarella, and tender artichoke hearts! Have it so both of you design your own pizza so you can swap pieces when they are ready to share!