Whole Body Workout Circuit

I thought I’d show you all a really great exercise circuit that we use here with our members at Blitz Conditioning. It’s guaranteed to get your heart rate going and challenge your body!

Equipment:  All you’ll need is a mat and two weights that you are comfortable performing these exercises with for the length of time.

Intervals: Try and do all of the exercises one right after the other by doing 45 seconds of exercise, and a 15 second break and then give yourself a 1 minute rest in between each of the circuits.

Sets: do 4 sets of the circuit.

1) Renegade Rows: – chest, back, and core


  • Start in a push up position and your hands grasping on the handles of the dumbbells
  • Go down into a push up
  • As you come out of the push up, pull one weight up towards your navel
  • bring the weight back down
  • go back into the push up position and repeat with the opposite arm

2) Alternating Squat Shoulder Press: – legs, shoulders, and core

  • Start by holding both weights at head height, elbows pointing forwards, and feet about shoulder width apart
  • Squat down by pushing your butt as far behind you as possible and keeping most of your body weight on your heels (your knees shouldn’t pass your feet)
  • Stand up from the squat and raise one of the weights above your head
  • Return to a squat position and repeat with the alternate arm

3) V-Sit to Weighted Torso Twist: – core, and shoulders

  • Sit on a mat so that your tail bone is the only thing contacting the mat, keep your feet off the ground
  • While engaging your core, grab a weight with both of your hands
  • Use your core to twist the weight to one side, and touch the ground with the weight
  • Bring the weight back to the midline of your body
  • Repeat on the opposite side of your body

4) Dumbbell Swings:

  •  place your feet shoulder width apart
  • grasp on to the weight with both hands
  • squat down and push your butt as far back as you possibly can while resting on your heels
  • stand up while swinging the weight forwards and engaging your core
  • remember to keep your head as high as possible through this motion, even at the bottom of the squat
  • stop when the weight is about eye level
  • squat back down again and repeat in a rhythmic manner
July 20, 2012
Revive Wellness