Why Pursuing the “Perfect Diet” Isn’t Worth It

We live in a society where the biggest pursuit of all is weight loss. What and how much we eat, how we move our bodies, and even how we spend our time are shaped by the desire to be in a smaller body. I would even say that most people believe that being smaller = being healthier. It isn’t anyone’s fault: we literally live in a diet culture, where every message we see and hear encourages this belief. This has lead to the desire to find the “perfect diet” that will result in a smaller body, regardless of whether or not it is actually safe or “healthy”. Most people are now aware that diets don’t work. But the pursuit continues.

When a client’s number one goal is weight loss, I always ask why. What is driving that goal? I believe that everyone needs to hear that you cannot look at someone and know whether they are healthy or not. We put so much focus in our society on what our bodies look like, and not enough focus on helping people find what health means to them. Health is multifactorial; it isn’t just what you put in your mouth. As a society, let’s start encouraging people to move their bodies in ways that feel good, to cook new foods and enjoy meals in good company, and to place more of a focus on developing a positive relationship with food and our bodies. Always remember that health looks different on everybody, and there is no such thing as a “perfect diet”.


By Kalin Herbach – Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

This article is Kalin’s professional response to the article, There’s No Such Thing as a Single ‘Best’ Diet

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