Workout Motivation and Accountability


I recently decided to teach myself Spanish! I’ll be learning from a book, and I’ve quickly realized that this won’t be easy! While reading, I focus on memorizing grammar, sentence structure, and how to properly emphasize words. As I go along, I understand the concepts I’ve read about; by the next day, I find myself forgetting a lot of what I learned.

I know I’d probably make more progress if there was a worksheet to complete or a test to evaluate what I’ve learned so far. Without any accountability being held to me, I procrastinate more often. It goes to show that sometimes just wanting something isn’t always enough motivation.

The same rule applies to working out. Working out by myself is very different than working out with a partner, or as a group; As someone with a competitive personality, I’ll push myself harder and prove my abilities when I’m around other people. If you’re goal is to get fit but you’re looking for some extra encouragement and motivation, here’s a few things you can try:

  • Find a workout partner: Having someone around can motivate you to stick to your goals. Whether they’re working out beside you, waiting for you at the gym, or they’re your online personal trainer – having someone counting on you for a workout is a great motivator. Use it as inspiration to push yourself further, and maybe even impress or inspire someone else! If you’re having trouble finding a workout partner, check out or ask around your local gym.
  • Join a class: In a class, you’re surrounded by people who are working towards the same goal as you, which means you can all support each other. The more you attend a specific class, you’ll likely develop new friends and find people who you can count on to keep you coming back. A group setting might encourage you to push yourself, and secretly compete against others around you. Since you’re spending money to join the class, you’re not going to want to see your money wasted, and an extra bonus that comes with taking classes is that you don’t have to plan your own workout.
  • Get a personal trainer: The benefits of a personal trainer are kind of equivalent to having a workout partner AND joining a class. A personal trainer is someone who’s completely dedicated to helping you achieve your goal, and makes you accountable for showing up and doing your best to reach your goals. Since hiring a personal trainer isn’t cheap, you’ll likely be more motivated to make the most of your sessions.
  • Have someone reward you: Find someone who will hold you accountable for reaching set goals, and create some sort of arrangement to celebrate your efforts. Whether it’s a trip or a special gift you want, find something to look forward to for your accomplishments. (Just remember: FOOD is NOT a reward)
    You can also try an unconventional motivator- take a picture of yourself in swimwear, and give the proof to someone you trust. Tell them that if you don’t reach your goal by a certain date, that they have permission to post that picture for the public to see. (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Since you probably don’t want anyone to see you in mediocre shape, it’ll motivate you to work towards a picture that you will want people to see. When you reach your goal, that picture will just be what you USED to look like!

These are just a few ideas to inspire you towards your fitness goals. Try combining these ideas, or find something else that you feel really motivates you to get going! Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what helps and keeps you motivated!


**This article was written by Steven Moore

May 25, 2012
Revive Wellness