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What We Already Know About Corporate Wellness Programs…

Increase Decrease
↑    Productivity

↑    Quality of work

↑    Staff retention

↑    Occupational health & safety

↓    Absenteeism & sick days

↓    Group benefit costs

↓    Employee stress

↓    Disease & disability

Revive’s Added Benefits


Every day we are faced with challenges in both our work life and personal life. Each individual deals with these challenges in different ways. When life gets busy or difficult, we often start pushing our self-care to the back burner. Revive Corporate gives employees and business leaders the tools they need to overcome those hurdles and continue on the path to wellness and achieving your goals.


Within an organization there can be a sense of separation or disconnect between co-workers. Different departments and roles can create smaller groups. Revive Corporate Wellness encourages coworkers to connect with one another and builds a sense of community within the organization. Employees can go through this wellness journey together and keep each other accountable.


Employees feel valued and supported when their health and well-being are made a priority. Demonstrating your organization’s values in action creates a strong and positive organizational culture and climate.


As one of the organization’s greatest assets, employees will gain a greater sense of satisfaction with their employer and their work. Satisfied employees are more likely to:

  • Go above and beyond what is expected at work
  • Speak highly about the organization outside of work


What Makes Revive`s Corporate Wellness Different?

corporate wellnessRevive Wellness strives to empower employees and business leaders. We use a holistic approach, addressing all four pillars of health and wellness:


corporate wellness

The nutrition component of Revive’s Corporate program is crafted by Registered Nutritionists. Every bit of information is research and evidence-based – and no, they do not use Canada’s Food Guide as part of their methods.


corporate wellness

A unique component to Revive’s Corporate Wellness is the option to have My Viva Plan incorporated into your program. This digital platform has over 200 workout videos and each workout is completely customizable based on fitness level and equipment available. Generated by industry leading experts, the online fitness coaching and video workouts are designed so employees can do them anywhere, anytime.

Mental Health

corporate wellness

We understand that there are numerous factors that influence mental health and behaviour. Things like stress and quality of sleep all impact our decisions which in turn impact our health. Behaviour management is a key to success and Revive`s Corporate Wellness program empowers employees by giving them the tools they need to achieve long-lasting health.

Medical History

corporate wellness

We takes into account each employee’s medical history. This information plays a vital role in helping us understand potential barriers and move forward to create a successful and effective action plan.

In Addition…

Revive`s Corporate Plan is CUSTOMIZED

Our corporate health team goes through a number of steps to determine organizational and individual employee needs. Based on the collected data, our team will plan and implement effective workplace wellness strategies to achieve success on both an individual and corporate level – gladly taking that pressure off the organization.

We work from the BOTTOM-UP

Creating change begins at an individual level. Addressing each employee individually allows for corporate growth as a whole.


Creating a health-conscious corporate climate does not happen overnight; it requires planning, execution and follow-up. Revive’s Corporate Wellness program incorporates follow-ups and various metrics to measure success and keep employees accountable and motivated – all while optimizing and quantifying corporate ROI.

Corpoate Wellness creates COMMUNITY & SUPPORT

Workplace wellness creates a sense of community and builds support among coworkers.


Many health benefit plans include coverage for dietetic services, so our corporate wellness program can come as no additional cost to the organization or its employees. Contact us for details.


Get the Facts About Corporate Wellness

corporate wellness


  • The price tag of a diabetic worker to an employer is more than five times that of workers without diabetes. [2]
  • As much as 70% of costs and 80% of the incidence of chronic disease are preventable.  [3]
  • Chronic disease represents the largest share of direct healthcare costs – an estimates $80 billion annually.  [3]
  • An unhealthy diet is one of the primary risk factors for chronic disease. [4]
  • Heart disease is the second most costly contributor to the total health care costs in Canada. [5]
  • Dietary counselling can lower low density lipoprotein and total cholesterol blood levels and lower blood pressure. [5]



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