My Viva Plan

Your Corporate Wellness Solution

Our innovative digital wellness platform, My Viva Plan®, necessarily addresses corporate wellness at an individual level.

Why? Stress and stress-related illnesses are causing long-term disability claims to increase at alarming rates! A good state of mental health is essential to ensure an overall healthy lifestyle; and the only effective solution to manage stress is self-care. Your employees are struggling to balance ‘everything’, and personal wellness tends to be one of the first things to go. Encouraging mental health initiatives at work is the right way to support your staff members for years to come.

My Viva Plan is built for real life and tackles stress head-on, fusing together the three essential pillars of self-care: mindfulness, nutrition and fitness.

three pillars of self care

Community and Support

The social component of My Viva Plan creates a sense of community and builds support among coworkers. Our social platforms continue to grow and provide inspiration and opportunities to connect.


Covered Under Benefits

My Viva Plan can be covered under most existing group benefit plans as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist service.


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