31 Small Changes with BIG Impacts

March is Nutrition Month, and we at Revive are VERY passionate about this subject! Wellness does not mean perfection, and reaching our goals takes time. It is important to keep in mind that every decision we make can either lead us closer to our goals or further from them.

Here are 31 small changes that can have a BIG impact on our health and wellness:

1. Stock up on frozen fruits and vegetables

IMG_0471This is especially useful on those busy days when you don’t have time to prepare fresh fruits/veggies!


2. Set an hourly alarm that reminds you to stand, stretch or go for a walk

clock-1143439_1920Treat your body right by making time for it throughout the day! This is especially important for those who sit for most of the day.


3. Water down your beverages to cut calories

orange-juice-410325_1920Adding water to your juice is a simple way to cut caloric intake while still enjoying a sweet beverage – you’ll hardly notice the difference!


4. Chop up some veggies and snack on them throughout the dayIMG_0206

This is an easy way to up your veggie intake and keep your metabolism moving throughout the day!


5. Write down one thing you like about yourselfIMG_0285

One is, of course, a minimum number. Write a novel if you’d like! Self-love is such a wonderful thing!


 6. Try roasted black beans as a snack

IMG_0209Roasted black beans count as a protein AND a carb choice so you don’t need to pair a fruit or vegetable with this snack. They are also high in fibre, minerals, iron, folate and thiamine.


7. Keep a stash of balanced snacks in your car

IMG_0238We’ve all been there… Those snack emergencies seem to creep up on us! Keep balanced snacks in your car and keep yourself out of the fast food drive-thrus.


8. Skip the cream & sugar and try black coffee instead

IMG_0256This is an easy way to decrease your daily sugar intake! Try a higher quality bean so you don’t need any additives to create a flavourful cup of Joe.


9. Check out the farmer’s market for a fresh take on ingredients

IMG_0441Ask the producers first-hand how to incorporate some fun new ingredients for a culinary adventure!


10. Overnight oats are a great grab-n-go breakfast idea

IMG_0433This is especially great for those of us who are not morning people…


11. Write down one thing you are thankful for and tape it to the mirror

IMG_0400“When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.” – Kristin Armstrong


12. Grate carrots of zucchini into pasta sauce for an easy veggie boost

IMG_0272Sneaking veggies into different items can be a lot of fun and adds tones of flavour! This is also an excellent way to make sure those picky eaters get their nutrients.


13. Journal your food and see what you notice

IMG_0307Collect data on what you eat and when. This form of tracking can really help you hone in on our nutritional strengths and weaknesses.


14. Drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning

IMG_0426After a long night’s sleep, a big glass of water first thing in the morning can re-hydrate and refresh! This is especially important for those of us who reach for the caffeine as soon as we wake up.


15. Add fruit, nuts, ground flax and bran buds to your oatmeal

IMG_0273Get crazy with the oatmeal! Adding fruit, nuts, ground flax and bran buds can up your fibre and protein intake and keep you feeling satisfied all the way to lunch.


16. Pair iron-rich foods with a source of vitamin C IMG_0469

This pairing  helps to increase iron absorption! Pair an iron-rich food (like spinach or beans) with a source of vitamin C (like peppers or oranges) for a nutrient-packed dish. To learn more on the importance of iron, click here.

17. Increase your fibre intake by keeping the skin on your vegetables

IMG_0463The skin of a fruit or vegetable typically contains the most fibre. Give your produce a good scrub down with a cloth and hot water, and cook it with the skin on!


18. Put your phone down and read or journal before bed

IMG_0491Give your eyes and mind a break from all that blue light and digital stimulus and treat yourself to some reading and/or reflection. 


 19. Make a fruit, veggie and protein smoothie for breakfast


Including a form of protein in your smoothie will help carry you all the way through till lunch!


20. Add cinnamon, cayenne or turmeric to your tea

IMG_0435Add a dash of spice to your tea or hot water with lemon for some extra flavour and nutrients!


21. Choose 1 protein + 2-3 veggies to create a balanced stir-fry

IMG_0445Serve on top of brown rice or quinoa.


22. Drink tea as a delicious alternative to coffee or sugary snacks

IMG_0221There are so many wonderful health benefits to drinking tea! “Research suggests tea has multiple paths of action including detoxification of chemicals; increasing the level of cellular antioxidant defense, which lowers risk of cancers and atherosclerosis (narrowing of the blood vessels), immune system stimulation, and promoting healthful gut bacteria.” Read more on the benefits of tea here.


23. Toss out treats, that trigger mindless snacking

IMG_0495Make your treat mindful by deliberately purchasing it out of home!


24. Plan to enjoy a treat AFTER a balanced meal

IMG_0486You`ll find that you eat less of the treat because you are full from the balanced meal beforehand.


25. Toss a handful of spinach or baby kale into your smoothie

IMG_0378Maximize your nutritional intake! Adding spinach will give you the benefit of folic acid, iron and vitamin K. Adding kale will give you the benefit of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K.


26. Keep pesticides off your hands by washing all fruit – even the ones you peel

IMG_0321This is something most of us don`t even think about – but if there are pesticides on the fruit, and then we peel them, and then use our hands to eat what`s inside, we end up ingesting those chemicals.


27. Drink water or brush your teeth after having a treat

IMG_0474Practicing this technique will help decrease cravings and consumption quantity. It also helps to keep your teeth healthy and strong!


28. Make plans to catch up with friends or a family member


It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Be sure to make time to family and friends who lift your spirits!


29. Make extra when cooking dinner

IMG_0436 That way you’ll have lunch for the next day!


30. Just because everyone else is having a drink doesn`t mean you have to

sparkling-590687_1920Who says you can`t “cheers” with water?! Cut down on those empty calories from alcohol and hydrate your body instead!


31. Start winding down for bed 1 hour earlier than usual


This is also a good time to do a digital detox – no eyes on any electronic devices!


What small changes to you make on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis to bring you closer to the best you possible? We’d love to hear about them in the comment section below! 🙂


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