About Revive Wellness

Revive Wellness is a team of leading-edge, private practice Registered Dietitians (also known as nutritionists) who have been providing individuals and corporate clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas with evidence-based nutrition coaching since 2006.

Our mission is to improve the lives of Canadians through nutrition and wellness coaching. Our team works with you to help you nourish your body, improve your relationship with food, and provide you with the facts about nutrition.

We help individuals with sports nutrition, weight loss, allergies and dietary restrictions, disease management, and anything else on their plate.

But what we do isn’t just about nutrition—it’s about creating positive, sustainable life change, mentally and physically.

In our blog, recipes and through all of our social media we make it a point to share reliable health and wellness information to our community, as well as the occasional healthy recipe created by our chef. If you’d like to be part of our social community, like us on Facebook, or join us on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Many health benefit plans include coverage for nutritionist services. Check with your provider to see if an appointment with a nutritionist can come at no additional cost to you or your family.

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