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A Plateful of Insights Episode 12: Working with Our Dietitians

Embarking on a journey towards better health and wellness can feel daunting, especially when doing it alone. But what if you had a compassionate guide, a professional who not only understands the complexities of nutrition but also recognizes the importance of your unique lifestyle, stress levels, and even your sleep patterns? At Revive Wellness, our dietitians are here to be that guiding light, offering personalized care that goes beyond mere meal plans.

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Why Do I Need a Prenatal Dietitian?

Congratulations, you’re expecting 🥳! Whether this pregnancy caught you by surprise or has been a long-awaited joy, you’ve now entered a phase of questioning:

– What’s next?
– How do I ensure the best possible start for this little life growing inside me?

I know these impending thoughts are real because I’ve lived through them myself.

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Promotional image for a podcast episode. It features a man in the foreground looking skeptically at a grilled chicken strip. Next to him, a character dressed as a police officer, with a badge and hat, is also looking at the food through a magnifying glass, appearing serious and investigative. On the table, there is an assortment of healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, cheese, and a glass of water. The text reads 'A Plateful of Insights Ep. 11 - The Truth About Dietitians' and 'Revive Wellness Radio' with a logo resembling a speaker icon.

A Plateful of Insights Episode 11: The Truth About Dietitians

As we embrace the quirks of the calendar, like celebrating the rarity of a leap day on February 29th, we’re reminded of the special occasions that bring us together to focus on important aspects of our lives. One such time is the arrival of March, designated as Nutrition Month. This period holds significant value for dietitians across Canada and beyond. This month, we dive into the world of dietitians—a realm filled with dedication, knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to your health and well-being.

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An image featuring a promotional graphic for a podcast episode titled "A Plateful of Insights Ep. 9 NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS" from Revive Wellness Radio. The background is split with a vibrant orange on the left and a muted brown on the right. On the brown side, there's a red notebook with a page listing 'New Year Resolutions:' which includes items like 'Journal', 'Love more', 'Make a new friend', 'Read more', 'Wake up early', 'Try new things', 'Meditate', 'Get more fresh air', and 'Limit screen time'. A pen lies next to the list, implying a personal commitment to these resolutions. The overall design suggests a focus on self-improvement and well-being to start the new year.

A Plateful of Insights Episode 9: New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting

As the calendar flips to a new year, you’re once again presented with the opportunity to reflect on your aspirations and set goals for the year ahead. New Year’s resolutions are more than annual traditions; they’re a testament to your desire for personal growth and improvement.

The idea of resolutions might stir a mixture of excitement and apprehension within you, especially if previous goals have gone unmet. Yet, with each new year comes a fresh start, a blank slate on which you can sketch your dreams and ambitions.

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Promotional graphic for a podcast episode featuring a smiling woman with long blonde hair. The text reads 'A Plateful of Insights, EP. 8, TOP 10 COOKING MYTHS with Chef Lisa'. The background is split into a warm orange on the left and a cool blue with a circular design on the right. In the bottom right, there is a logo for Revive Wellness Radio.

A Plateful of Insights Episode 8: Top 10 Cooking Myths

Welcome, culinary enthusiasts and home chefs! In the latest episode of “A Plateful of Insights,” Brandon had the pleasure of sitting down with the delightful Chef Lisa, whose expertise in the kitchen is only matched by her passion for debunking the many myths surrounding the art of cooking.

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