Before Your Body Composition Analysis

For the most accurate results of your body composition analysis:

24 hours prior

  • Refrain from strenuous exercise.

12 hours prior

  • Refrain from eating (TIP: bring food to the appointment so you can eat right after).
  • Refrain from any caffeinated or alcoholic beverage.

3-4 hours prior

  • Refrain from drinking any sort of liquid; however, you may have a few sips of water if you’d like.


  • Arrive in a fasted state
  • Please wear light clothing
  • Do not arrive with wet hair
  • Remove all metals
  • Use the restroom and stand still for 5 minutes right before the test
  • Female clients: please ensure that your body composition analysis is booked at a time that you are not menstruating as the retention of fluids can compromise the accuracy of the test.