Sports Nutrition

Athletic Hydration

The importance for hydration for athletes is cornerstone to achieving optimum sports performance and overall health. Let us provide you with an individualized hydration chart for your training program to help prevent injury and promote performance.

  • Individualized hydration chart
  • Electrolyte replenishment and the best fluids for athletes
  • Understanding the effects of hydration for sport performance
  • Preventing fluid loss during intense training sessions
  • Optimize recovery and prevent tissue injury
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Body Composition

What is a body composition? Body composition analysis adds insight regarding your individual body tissues and health status. Getting your body composition done can help you focus on health and wellness goals rather than just that number on the scale.

  • Body composition and athletic performance
  • Body composition to achieve your
  • Sports: Maximize athletic potential
  • Individualized nutrition plan using body composition results
  • Serial measures to track lean body gains or changes in tissues
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Meal Planning & Preparation

Sometimes we let our busy lifestyles get in the way of good nutrition. Simply put, frozen dinners and fast food don’t make us feel as good as a full, balanced meal. Did you know meal planning practice and preparing to eat well ahead of time surprisingly saves time and money? Set your day up for success, feel satisfied instead of snack-y, and experience more energy to get things done with registered dietitian approved meal plans and techniques.

  • Meal timing surrounding workouts/training session
  • Diet plan for professional athletes
  • Meal planning to help with weight loss
  • Tips of meal planning on a budget
  • Appropriate carbohydrate/protein ratios for post-exercise
  • Batch cooking for performance nutrition
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Performance Enhancement and Nutrition

The foods you eat before and after exercise can greatly affect your sports performance. Let us map out a nutrition plan that focuses on propelling you towards your optimum performance goals.

  • Periodization of nutrition to complement training program
  • Understanding how nutrition affects athletic performance
  • Supplementation review and recommendations to enhance recovery and performance
  • Nutrition suggestions for different kinds of sports
  • Race-day nutrition planning
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Recovery Nutrition

After intense training sessions or activity, it is important to refuel. Our nutritionists can customize a post-exercise recovery snack or shake individualized to your body’s specific needs, keeping in mind your outlined performance and body composition goals

  • What is post work-out nutrition and why is it important
  • Education on timing of and when it is appropriate to incorporate recovery nutrition
  • Specific recovery nutrition options calculated based individual needs
  • Recommendations around recovery nutrition supplements
  • Recovery nutrition for runners
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Nutrition for the travelling athlete

It can be difficult to stay on track with your healthy eating habits when you’re travelling. Often, you may be eating meals out, or your kitchen may only consist of a mini fridge in a hotel room. The key to healthy eating while away from home is all about planning ahead, sticking to your routine, staying hydrated and eating mindfully!

Let our team show you how it’s done.

  • Tips on how to meal prep when travelling
  • Understanding restaurant menus and making better choices as an athlete
  • Meeting your nutritional requirements while on the road
  • How to manage your athletic routine and diet while travelling
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