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At Revive Wellness, we inspire Edmonton and Calgary organizations to put focused, productive energy into their tasks, and encourage innovation and conscientiousness when challenges arise. Let us get to know your team, learn about their goals, and help them discover the simple connection between their wellness, behaviours and stress. Watch their stress resiliency build with the help of our experts!

Bonus: Many health benefit plans include coverage for these services, so a corporate wellness program can come as no additional cost to the organization or its employees.


Our Approach

Revive Wellness (Revive) has provided nutrition and wellness coaching to individual and corporate clients in Edmonton and its surrounding area for over 10 years, with recent expansion into Calgary. With unique one-on-one programs and a proprietary digital platform, My Viva Plan®, Revive offers the most comprehensive and customized program in the industry.

The primary goal of Corporate Wellness should be prevention. The costs of employee medical needs are exponentially greater than that of providing the services to educate, empower and help prevent illness and disease in the workplace.

Our corporate wellness approach is to first work with your organization understand the current wellness landscape, and secondly, provide innovative solutions that empower employees to live with energy, vitality and health.


Corporate Wellness Strategies

  • My Viva Plan®: Our very own online wellness program that empowers individuals to take their wellness journeys into their own hands. Perfect for organizations of any size to offer with their corporate wellness packages.
  • Biometric Testing: These tests include blood pressure, blood sugar, height, weight and body composition analysis.
  • Interactive Cooking Demonstrations: Our in-house chef will ignite your taste buds with delicious samples for all to try!
  • Executive Coaching: Offer your senior team an exclusive experience designed for leadership and management.
  • Grocery Shopping Tours: A unique resource educating on how to navigate the aisles with confidence and competency.
  • Interactive Workshops: Based on the interests and needs of the organization, our workshops leave participants invigorated and ready to implement simple yet effective strategies.
  • Needs Assessment: Understand what the current status of wellness is within your organization through a well-developed assessment.
  • Research Studies: Gain a deeper understanding of wellness within your organization with research, shedding light on challenges and providing clarity regarding your next steps.
  • Speaking Engagements: Add diversity to your conference or your off-site meeting with engaging seminars that tie wellness to corporate life.


Stress in the Workplace Digital Wellness Program


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