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Our fertility dietitian, Marina, is devoted to supporting individuals and couples on their fertility journey, regardless of where they are in the process. She provides personalized nutrition coaching tailored to optimize fertility, addressing specific dietary needs and lifestyle factors that may impact reproductive health. By working closely with Marina, you receive expert guidance and support to maximize your chances of conception and promote a healthy pregnancy.

We understand that the path to fertility can be a deeply personal and sometimes challenging journey for many. Infertility affects approximately 16% of heterosexual couples trying to conceive, not including those who do not have a diagnosis. This underscores the importance of specialized support and guidance, such as that provided by our fertility dietitians, in navigating the challenges of fertility issues.

If you're asking yourself any of the following questions, we can help

  • Could my current diet be affecting my chances of conceiving?
  • What are the best foods to eat to improve egg/sperm quality?
  • Are there specific nutrients I should focus on for fertility?
  • Is there a connection between my hormonal health and what I eat?
  • What lifestyle changes, such as sleep, stress, and exercise, might improve my fertility?
  • Are there foods or habits I should avoid to enhance fertility?
  • How can I ensure my diet is balanced and nutritious while trying to conceive?
  • Can a dietitian help tailor a fertility nutrition plan that fits my unique needs?
  • How can nutrition improve the outcomes of artificial reproductive therapy (ART)?
  • Are there foods or nutrients that can help reduce or eliminate side effects related to artificial reproductive therapy?
  • Are there any supplements that can help improve outcomes of artificial reproductive therapy?

Ready to Start?

Book a FREE 15-Minute Discovery Session!

  • Share your needs and see if we’re the right match for you.
  • Learn about our process, approach to nutrition coaching, and what working with us involves.
  • Ask any questions about our approach to nutrition services.
  • If we’re a match, your dietitian will guide you with the next steps.

Specialized Packages for Fertility




Initial Nutrition Assessment



6 Follow-Ups

(25-min each)**

6% Savings




Initial Nutrition Assessment


2 Body Composition Analyses

9 Follow-Ups

(25-min each)**

8% Savings

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* Package timelines may vary
** Follow-Ups can be combined to make a longer 50-min session

Did You Know?

Many health benefits plans offer partial or full coverage for dietitian services, potentially reducing out-of-pocket expenses for you. This coverage can make accessing personalized nutrition advice and support more affordable and accessible, helping you to invest in your health without financial strain.

Additional Information

Package Add-Ons

What is My Viva Plan?

We set out to build one program that combines the best parts of the many digital health tools on the market. My Viva Plan® is a meal planner, reflection and progress tracker, workout builder, lifestyle resource library, and more, all in one application. We are so confident in this program that we included it in all our nutrition packages to help you meet your goals. My Viva Plan® is also available on its own in a monthly or yearly subscription.

Answers to Common Questions


The cost of our services covers more than just your visit! Your nutritionist must dedicate time and resources to research and develop a plan that works just for you. Often two to three hours of  “behind the scenes” time go along with your one-hour session. At Revive, our pricing is in line with industry standards.

Since benefits plans vary widely and our team has no access to this type of information, it is your responsibility to learn about and understand your benefits coverage.

There are different ways that health benefit providers administer their benefits coverage. They may provide up-front coverage (such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) or Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP)) or third-party reimbursements. We do not offer direct billing services.

For accessing coverage through reimbursement, we require you to pay for our services or packages upfront, and the dietitian will provide you with receipts to submit for reimbursement. Your dietitian may provide a lump-sum receipt, if your benefits provider allows for large claims to be submitted, or they will issue one smaller receipt after each counselling session. Your health benefits provider will reimburse the coverage amount; they may cover the cost in full or in part.

If you have more than one health benefits provider, you can submit the remaining amount not covered by one provider to the other. Please check with your health benefits provider(s) for coverage details before booking a session.

If you do not have health benefits coverage, we require you to pay for our services or packages upfront.

Various extended health benefit plans cover dietitian services in full or part. Discuss your eligibility with your health benefits provider. Confirm whether your plan covers registered dietitian or nutritionist services. Knowing details of your benefits coverage, per-session limits, coverage reset date, etc., can help you make an informed decision. You are responsible for ensuring your benefit plan covers services by a registered dietitian and whether a doctor’s note is required.

Please be advised that we do require your credit card details on file before booking an Initial Nutrition Assessment. Doing so will improve the efficiency of your sessions, as we can save time from having to obtain your payment information each session (which otherwise would make your sessions shorter). We also hold credit card information on file to hold the appointment or if we need to process a late cancellation or session no-show fee.

Please be aware that our team will inform you before processing transactions with your payment information. All payment information held on your file is kept confidential and secure.

Work with a registered dietitian

In general, a dietitian can obtain registration with one or more provinces and can only provide services to residents of all the provinces they are registered with. Some provinces in Canada allow any dietitian registered with another province to provide virtual services to residents of their province.

Our team of dietitians can provide services to the residents of the following provinces:

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland and Labrador

If you reside in another province and are interested in dietitian services, please contact our office for information.

Research shows that though diets may help you lose weight initially, they do not help with long-term weight management. Our nutritionists help you develop skills for life, providing the ongoing support that fad diets do not.

Many people see nutritionists for a variety of reasons besides weight loss. Sports nutrition, disease management, and corporate wellness are just a few of the areas our nutritionists excel in.

The term “dietitian” is protected by law across Canada, which means that only individuals who meet specific educational qualifications, criteria, and standards can use this title. The term “Nutritionist” may or may not be protected, depending on the province. Provinces like Alberta, Quebec, and Nova Scotia have protected this title by law, meaning that nutritionists in these provinces have met the same criteria and standards as dietitians.

In other provinces, the title “Nutritionist” is not protected by law. Titles such as Registered Holistic Nutritionists (RHN), Certified Nutritional Practitioners (CNP), Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP), Registered Nutritional Therapist (RNT), National Nutrition Clinical Practitioner (NNCP) etc., are often used by nutrition providers who might have completed privately-owned training programs that are not accredited. As a result, individuals using these titles may not be regulated health professionals.

For the best nutrition advice and information, look for a qualified and experienced professional. You can contact your province’s dietetic regulatory body to ensure you receive services from a qualified dietitian.

For more information, read the full Dietitians of Canada article on Dietitians and Nutritionists.

Sessions and scheduling

A 15-minute discovery session is a free service provided by our dietitians. It is the first step in your journey and is a chance for us to get to know you, understand your needs, and determine if we are a good fit for each other. It is also an opportunity for you to learn about our process, pricing and service options, and what to expect when working with us. If you have questions regarding our process or approach to nutrition services, this is the time to ask!

If you determine that we are a good fit for you, your dietitian can assist with booking further appointments to start your journey.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide personalized nutrition advice in a discovery session. We only provide such advice after completing a nutrition assessment.

If you would like more than one person to attend one or more sessions to discuss shared concerns, please book a discovery session so the dietitian can assess if this is appropriate.

For children 16 years of age and older, we require that the child attend the appointment independently.

For children below the age of 16 years, a child may be accompanied by their parent or guardian. The dietitian will discuss with you what the best approach is to ensure an excellent experience while providing the best care to the child.

Partners are free to join appointments as long as the client receiving services consents to this arrangement. If you and your partner would like to both see our dietitians, we recommend each person complete an initial assessment separately so our dietitians can have a better understanding of each person’s specific individual health needs and goals. If you feel that you may benefit from some joint sessions, we can discuss how this can be arranged.

Health information can not be shared with partners via phone or other means outside of the appointment due to privacy laws.

Parents or guardians can book appointments for their children who are below 16 years of age.

For clients who are 16 years of age or older, appointments must be booked by the client unless the client has provided written consent that authorizes another person to book appointments on their behalf.