Diabetes is a chronic condition caused by many different factors: genetics, family history, environmental, ethnic background, and other health conditions.

We know that lifestyle changes can make a big difference in managing diabetes and even lower your A1c% (3-month average blood sugar) by 1-2%, preventing diabetes complications by over 21%!

We know that managing diabetes is more than just your nutrition. It’s also about managing your activity, sleep, stress, self-care, medications and health. It might seem like a big task, and deciding where to start can be overwhelming, but working with our registered dietitians allows you to take a step-by-step approach to create sustainable behaviour change that is personalized to you and sets you up for the long term!

We recommend booking a 15-minute phone call with our Registered Dietitians to find out how we can help you take control of your health!



Our packages are designed to walk you through a journey of self-reflection, exploration, knowledge and skill-building, as well as help improve your confidence and ability to manage your health over time through the continued support from your team!

The following are the packages we recommend for those seeking help with diabetes.

These packages are put together to give you an understanding of the wellness journey we will help you navigate. Learn more by booking a FREE 15-minute phone call with one of our Registered Dietitians. Our team can help you improve your current health and develop a plan that is individualized to YOU!





Initial Consultation

2 Body Composition Analyses

9 Follow-Ups

8% Savings




Initial Consultation

3 Body Composition Analyses

24 Follow-Ups

10% Savings


Body Composition Analysis can be added to your package at $50 per test.


Covered by Insurance

Did you know that many group benefit plans cover nutritionist services? Check with your provider to see if your next appointment at Revive Wellness can come at no cost to you and your family. FAQ: Does my benefits plan cover the cost?